Stereotypes are often met with negative connotations, and perhaps rightly so, but I have always felt there was an element of truth behind the stereotype that we Brits really do love our Tea.


Tea has been a popular drink in the UK for around 200 years now, and although we have seen the rapid growth of global coffee chains in recent years, tea remains the most popular drink in the UK. It is reported a staggering 165 million cups of Tea are consumed daily in the UK. To put this into context, Britain has a population of around 68 million. 


So, what are the most popular Tea brands in the UK? According to Statista, PG Tips was found to be the UK’s most popular Tea brand, Yorkshire Tea closely followed as the runner up, and with Tetley Tea as Britain’s Third choice. You may also notice that these are the three Tea brands we offer in our parcels. This is not a coincidence, this is because we look and analyse the most recent trends in product popularity, so that we can offer you, exactly what you want.


It is hard to conclude that the stereo type that Brits love their tea, is anything other than true. The most popular drink in the UK signifies that although most stereotypes are dumfounded and nonsensical, we Brits do in fact love our tea.