Wholesalers selling British Care Packages and British edible goods

British Care Packages




British Care Packages and British edible goods, choose your chocolates Tea and Biscuit British Care Packages and British edible goods


Taste the Best of British
With Parcels From HOME

Parcels From Home provides expats around the world with affordable prepackaged or bespoke British care packages, working directly with product wholesalers and FedEx to give you the most in-demand British goods at an affordable price. From Cadbury’s to English tea to biscuits, make a loved one’s day by sending them a prepackaged parcel that invokes the sweet taste of home. You can also get in touch with us to order a totally bespoke British care package that meets your specific tastes.

We are committed to supplying impeccable customer service, operating under small margins to offer the best possible prices and getting all orders to customers inside seven days – no matter where you are in the world. Packages can be adapted to suit highly particular tastes at no extra cost.

So, if you are living or working abroad and want a first-class British care package that reminds you of home, look no further than Parcels From Home.


Wholesalers selling British Care Packages and British edible goods   Delivery Available Worldwide

Why Choose Parcels From Home?


 British Care Packages


Value for Money

Expats usually have to pay inflated prices to receive British care packages. With Parcels From Home, however, we source items at their best price by working closely with wholesalers and retailers to mandate a comprehensive price-checking process. Moreover, our strong partnership with FedEx means that shipping is extremely fast and reliable. We are constantly responding to customer demands to make sure that the most in-demand products are always available at a good price.

Quality Service

We are passionate about supplying the highest standard of customer service. If you request a very niche item for a gift, like orange-flavoured Kit Kats, we will go the extra mile to ensure you receive exactly what you ask for. If you want to substitute a couple of items in a parcel for something different, just write out your request in the message box at checkout. Our fast shipping guarantees that the products you order can be tracked and are in optimal condition when they arrive at your door.


We understand that expats who work or live thousands of miles away will often crave the comfort that comes with biting into a hobnob biscuit or sipping a cup of English tea. Whether you work in the USA or live in rural Australia, Parcels From Home ensures the goods that make you feel warm inside get to your door in no time at all.






Living Abroad? 

Are you an expat in the USA, Spain or Australia who craves a British care package containing Cadbury’s, Galaxy, tea or biscuits? Or are you UK based and want to taste the joys of British comfort food in one place? If so, take a look at our list of parcels.

British Care Packages

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